The Artisan

The owner and primary artisan for Impressionistic Painting is Michael Horst. His interests in art originated in his early school days where he began working with a variety of art mediums. At the age of 18, he taught art classes in a private school.

When Mike decided to go to college, he learned the trade of conventional house painting in order to pay his way through college. He finished his education with two degrees, yet he kept gravitating back to the painting industry.

It was 18 years ago, while Mike was running his painting business in San Diego, California, that he first heard about decorative painting techniques. He was fascinated with this fusing of art and wall finishing, which seemed like the perfect marriage of his interests, talents, and experience. About the time he started running out of wall space in his own home, customers began finding out about these new skills and started asking Mike to finish walls in their homes. Even though his business was still focused on conventional painting, he began dreaming about doing decorative painting on a full-time basis.

The Dream

With every wall Mike painted, this dream continued to grow within him. When Mike moved his family to Branson, Missouri, and built his dream house on Table Rock Lake, it became the perfect time to transition into making the dream a reality. In 2005, the name "Impressionistic Painting" was chosen for this new adventure, and the rest has been history in the making. Mike no longer limits himself to merely doing decorative painting on walls but also on ceilings (the fifth wall), floors, furniture, etc.

The Training

The first formal training Mike had was under a mentor that went through the decorative painting apprenticeship program in Germany. That experience was like adding gasoline to Mike's nagging dream, so trips to a number of the top training schools in the country were made to refine and expand his skills.

Mike is constantly amazed at how much he has learned from his customers. Many of them have developed a refined eye and understand what it takes to make the world around them a more beautiful place to live. It is especially to those customers Mike wants to express a sincere thanks for their encouragement and for supporting his dream to make ordinary things, ExtraOrdinary!

The Invitation

Since Branson is the second-most-driven-to vacation spot in America, the opportunities both in the residential, commercial, and entertainment industry abound. Mike is looking forward to continuing to service this community which he is pleased to now call home.

Mike is available to do projects in other parts of the country, so if you live outside of the Branson area, feel free to contact Mike about any decorative painting work you would like to have done.

The Passion

As we get older, many of us feel like we want to do something to make a positive difference in the world. Mike's love for art and family created in him a passion to make other people's homes a special place for their families, a retreat that truly reflects

who they are. So much in our society pushes us into cookie cut, impersonally manufactured boxes we call our houses. Some merely see these as places to sleep and grab some food while they run, run, run; but the question needs to be asked, whatever happened to the concept of "HOME?" Mike believes a house must be more than a mere financial investment in our ever growing portfolio. He believes a house that never transitions into a home is a poor investment indeed.

A home should be a place of refuge . . .
A safe and fun place for relationships . . .
A place to make memories for a lifetime . . .
A place for healing laughter and for dreaming . . .
And a place where dreams become reality!

This is the place I call home.

-Michael Horst

P.S. If the walls in your home could speak, what would they say?

Mike Horst Faux Decorative Painter Springfield Branson