Decorative Finished Walls vs. Painted Walls

When a conventional painter paints a wall, he uses production tools which applies the paint quickly (average 300 sq. ft. per hr.) Normally a painter can get away with a single coat of paint unless there is a large color contrast between the base and top coat; this then would require two coats of paint. Even so, the process is still quick in comparison to decorative finishes.

With decorative painting there are some finishes that can be applied quickly using a single product and application process. These finishes are only slightly higher than the typical cost of having a professional painter come in and roll on a single color of paint, yet the look is considerably more beautiful. For those on a more restricted budget, these finishes provide a substantial visual impact for the investment dollar. Many customers use these finishes in the larger areas of their homes while reserving a few accent walls for the more involved finishes to create the “WOW FACTOR.” This is one way to get a lot of mileage out of your hard earned dollars.

The more involved finishes have the greatest visual impact but also requires a greater investment because the products cost a lot more than conventional paint, plus they normally require multiple steps to apply. Each time the artisan has to “touch” the wall, more time is involved. A finish like “Castello Di Casa” requires eleven different products and the wall is touched eight times. Of course this finish is an extreme example, but though many customers request it, only a few are able or willing to make the necessary investment for this spectacular finish. If you find a finish like

that which does not match up with your set budget, do not be discouraged since there are still hundreds of finishes available that you can enjoy; we just need to find or create the most effective look within the price range you are comfortable investing in.

To compare wall finishes to cars, a simple, single colored painted wall would be like a stripped down version of a Toyota Echo. It may have no air conditioning, but it will get you from point A to point B at a minimum cost. In reality that is all you need, but if you were all about simply surviving, you probably would not have even been interested in checking out our website. A Toyota Prius would be like the single step decorative finish, adding style while still being economical. Yes, they require more of an investment, but what a great return for the investment made. For those who both appreciate and can afford luxury items like the Toyota Lexus LS600hl, there are finishes offered by Impressionistic Painting that are fit for royalty.

With all this said, the warning is to be realistic. Most would love to own a Lexus LS600hl, but few would make the required investment. As you review our gallery, consider the finishes like you would if you were shopping for a new car. You can enjoy looking at the luxury finishes but it is wise to consider first what you are willing to invest and then seek out the best finish to maximize those investment dollars. Any decorative finish is a huge visual leap from a single colored, plastic looking wall.

There are two different ways to obtain pricing for specific finishes you may be interested in. First, we can give you an estimate via email. With this method you will need to supply the following information:

  • Name of the finish from our gallery (or email a digital picture of desired finish)
  • Type of surface (wall, ceiling, floor, cabinetry, trim, etc.)
  • New construction or remodel
  • Surface type (drywall, wood, cement, etc.)
  • Current finish on surface (raw, paint, stain, etc.)
  • Surface area (number of walls, height, width)
  • Target date for project

Second, we can send a representative to your home to provide a personal consultation. The cost for this service is a minimum of $100 for up to a two hour session. Once a contract is signed and down payment made, all additional consultation meetings prior to the project start date will be an additional $50 (except phone consultations or meetings at the Impressionistic Paintings office which are free).


So much emphasis is placed on a home's “curb appeal” that many fail to recognize that people live inside their homes. It is amazing to see how much builders spend on dressing up the exterior of homes and how little is spent on the interior walls and ceilings. Just take a day and visit open houses in your area. You will see most of the homes feel basically the same inside . . . single colored, plastic-looking walls in homes that are selling for $500,000-$1,000,000 plus. Whether you plan on living in or selling your home, decorative wall finishes could be the best investment to create the ambience you or your perspective buyers have always dreamed of.

Decorative finishes should be done by a highly trained artisan who is trained both in the technical and artistic side of the application process.